Why UPVC Windows

advantages of U-PVC profiles

Because of their characteristics U-PVC windows have the largest market share in the
modern Europe and therefore they are the most popular windows

  • For saving energy U-PVC windows are the perfect choice, independent from climate and region. In conjunction with modern glasses first-rate insulation values can be achieved, this saves energy, money and conserves the environment.
  • The initial costs for U-PVC windows are lower than the price for compatible good quality wooden and aluminum windows.
  • U-PVC is completely harmless for humans.
  • U-PVC windows are environmentally friendly products, therefore they are easy to recycle.
  • U-PVC windows and doors offer functional efficiency for years and durability without recurrent effort of conservation with paint or special maintenance.
  • U-PVC does not have an accelerant effect.
  • U-PVC windows preserve the nature especially the tropical forests.
  • U-PVC are resistant against termites and will never rot, rust or corrode.
  • Due to the properties of U-PVC windows, they are perfect for heat- and coolnessinsulation.
  • U-PVC windows are excellent for sound insulation, especially in the growing urban regions.