Energeto Series

The future of the window

energeto® is a window without the thermal bridge “steel reinforcement”. The system has excellent thermal insulation values in all versions and profile depths and by this means contributes actively to the reduction of CO2, saves heating costs and consequently protects the environment.

What distinguishes energeto® from a conventional window?

The steel reinforcement inside conventional window frames is the weak point in terms of thermal insulation. As the possibilities to optimize insulation by means of profile depth and number of hollow chambers have already been pushed to the limit, an alternative to the steel reinforcement needed to be found. With the aluplast technologies “bonding inside” and “powerdur inside” we developed the perfect solution. “foam inside” complements these technologies for even better insulation values.

bonding inside + powerdur inside = energeto®

bonding inside

Bonded glass units in the glazing rebate for all window and door sash sizes prevent the thermal bridge that is typical for conventional windows.[/span5][/row] [row][span2][/span2][span5]

powerdur inside

Fibre-reinforced powerdur strips replace the steel reinforcement in the sash and frame. These powerdur strips have been developed jointly with BASF.[/span5][/row] [row][span2][/span2][span5]

The ultimate perfection: foam inside

energeto® finds its perfection in another process technology: foam inside. By filling the profile chambers with special polyurethane foam, outstanding insulation values can be realized.[/span5][/row]

Through innovative conception: same size, more light!

comparison between conventional window and energeto window

The advantages of energeto®

  • Unparalleled insulation value Uw of only 0.60 W/m²K by eliminating the metal reinforcement inside the window profiles
  • Meets and exceeds current energy efficiency guidelines
  • Delicate classical profile design
  • Comforting security confirmed by official test institutes
  • Available in countless decor finishes
  • 100% recyclable and reusable
  • Weatherproof PVC windows protect from noise, weather and burglary
  • Suitable for both renovation projects (70 mm profile depth) and for new buildings (85 mm profile  depth)
  • RAL certified window system