The almost invisible insect screening.

Neher Transpatec insect screens set new standards compared to conventional fabrics: More transparency, a much better air passage as well as a high tear and puncture resistance make Transpatec the absolute highlight in Neher’s product program.

The clou: Transpatec insect screens are nearly invisible and thus keep the visual appearance of your windows and doors – from the inside as well as from the outside.

Overview of Transpatec insect screens from Neher:

  • Brilliant transparency from the inside and outside thanks to a super fine, patented high-tech thread (Ø 0.13 mm) and innovative weaving technique
  • Optimum insect screening thanks to smaller mesh openings compared to a standard mesh
  • Increased transparency of the fly-screens thanks to extremely thin threads
  • Around 140% better air passage compared to conventional fabric thanks to a reduced mesh area and a unique fabric structure with a minimum of air turbulences
  • High weather resistance, stability and durability thanks to high-tech threads and a patented weaving technique with binder yarn
  • Transpatec is suitable for all fly-screens such as stentering frames for windows, roller screens, swing doors, hinged frames for doors and windows as well as sliding systems.

Ask your Neher specialist dealer for the almost invisible Transpatec insect screening. He will be more than happy to assist you in selecting the perfect insect screening solution for your individual needs.

We have received the following awards for Transpatec:

Transpatec is not only very practical and innovative but it will also meet the highest expectations for a modern living. And that’s why it has received several renowned awards.

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